A family run business, formed 20 years ago, DJC Security has proven to be at the cutting edge of the security trade, promoting and emphasising rapid response, site efficiency and a commitment to customer care.

Our philosophy

24 hours a day. 365 days a year we are available to our customers. We are second to none when it comes to speed and efficiency.

DJC Security engineers are always ready to do the business, surveying and fixing problems on the spot.

Our vans are fully equipped, which means we won't just get to you straight away, we have everything we need to do the repairs or installations there and then.

Commitment to quality is up most when we produce our products. In our workshops, using only the best components, we manufacture high calibre equipment, custom made to individual specifications.

Our installation team are always reliable and professional. Using our team you will achieve a first rate job, your business or residence will be left in a tidy state, with no mess from heavy duty drills and like left behind.

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