All styles of garage doors can be ordered and made to measure. The choice of your door may be complicated by the construction of the building it is intended for. We recommend that you consult our experienced and professional engineers before making your final choice. You can arrange an estimate over the phone, or better still we will visit you to measure first.

The Canopy Door
Operates in vertical tracks on the door’s side-frame and when fully opened, forms a canopy of about one-third of the door’s height above the opening.

The Retractable Door
Guided by horizontal tracks inside the garage and recedes completely when fully opened.

The Sectional Door
Opened by a vertical lift action, guided by fixed vertical and horizontal tracks, the sectional door has the advantage of having no out-swing when opened or closed, allowing for close parking either side of the door. Ideal for use with larger vehicles such as 4x4s and people carriers. Sectional doors are also climate-sealed when installed.

The Roller Door
Operated using a vertical lift action within smooth running vertical tracks, the Roll-A-Door wraps around a cylindrical drum situated above the garage opening. As with the sectional door, the roller door allows for close parking and offers climate-sealing for your garage. Available in aluminium or steel and operated with a remote control unit, key switch or manual function.

We offer high quality products, fitted by experienced, reliable installers at very competitive prices. If you are concerned about your security, please contact us for a quotation!

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